Reducing your carbon footprint


CBRE is a global leader in real estate services and investment management, providing comprehensive facilities management (FM) services to Zurich Insurance. As part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, CBRE sought to explore innovative solutions to reduce its clients’ carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity within their properties. To achieve this goal, CBRE engaged Specified Contracts to design and implement a bee enclosure initiative for Zurich Insurance’s corporate properties. 


The primary objective of CBRE, with support from Specified Contracts, was to reduce the carbon footprint of Zurich Insurance’s properties while simultaneously enhancing the local environment through the establishment of bee enclosures. The initiative aimed to showcase the potential environmental benefits of this sustainable practice and demonstrate the value of integrating such initiatives into FM services. 


Specified Contracts collaborated closely with CBRE and environmental experts to design and deliver bee enclosures across Zurich Insurance’s properties. The project involved careful planning due to the logistics of getting materials and constructing onto the roof. The framework was constructed out of 4×2 treated timber, ready to house the bespoke windows and doors. the roof was of a pergola construction to allow the bees in and out and the doors were bespoke made to suite the aesthetics of the enclosure on a soft close system.  

Site assessments were carried out and collaborating with beekeeping specialists to ensure the successful establishment of sustainable bee habitats within the corporate premises. 

Environmental Benefits:

The establishment of bee enclosures, facilitated by Specified Contracts, offered numerous environmental benefit such as, providing food for wildlife, help create many medicines, help half of the world’s fibre, oils and other raw materials to name a few and aligning with CBRE’s and Zurich Insurance’s sustainability objectives. 

1. Carbon Sequestration:

By promoting the growth of bee-friendly flora around the enclosures, Specified Contracts facilitated the sequestration of carbon dioxide, contributing to the mitigation of Zurich Insurance’s carbon footprint and supporting its environmental sustainability goals. 

2. Biodiversity Promotion:

The Bee Enclosures provided a nurturing environment for bees, fostering biodiversity within the corporate properties. This initiative contributed to the conservation of local ecosystems and the promotion of healthy, diverse habitats. 

3. Stakeholder Engagement:

The Bee Enclosure Initiative provided an opportunity for CBRE and Zurich Insurance to engage employees, clients, and the broader community, raising awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and the role of FM services in supporting sustainable practices. 


The collaboration between CBRE, Specified Contracts, and other stakeholders led to several positive outcomes: 

1. Carbon Footprint Reduction:

Through the implementation of bee enclosures and the promotion of pollinator-friendly habitats, CBRE, with support from Specified Contracts, successfully contributed to reducing Zurich Insurance’s carbon footprint, aligning with the company’s sustainability targets. 

2. Enhanced Biodiversity:

The establishment of bee enclosures resulted in the promotion of local biodiversity, creating healthy ecosystems and supporting the natural balance of flora and fauna within Zurich Insurance’s properties.


3. Recognition and Reputation:

The initiative positioned CBRE and Zurich Insurance as leaders in corporate environmental responsibility, enhancing their reputation and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders who value sustainability and environmental stewardship. 


The case study illustrates how CBRE, with support from Specified Contracts, leveraged the establishment of bee enclosures to reduce Zurich Insurance’s carbon footprint and promote environmental conservation within its properties. By integrating sustainable practices into FM services, CBRE demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship, showcasing tangible benefits for its client and the ecosystem. 

Moving forward, CBRE and Specified Contracts can continue to expand their partnership to implement similar initiatives across other client properties, sharing best practices and promoting sustainability within the real estate and FM sectors. By doing so, CBRE and Specified Contracts can set a precedent for environmental responsibility within the industry, inspiring positive change and contributing to a more sustainable future.